My CBD Journey | Bentley

My CBD Journey | Bentley

Bentley was adopted after being used as a stud. He is energetic, sweet and a good boy! This is Bentley's journey with CBD...

Why does Bentley use CBD?
Because he’s crazy without it! If he doesn’t have CBD he’s very pushy, he’s very anxious, he pushes, he doesn’t stand still, you can’t take your hand off of him… it gets annoying. I love him, but he gives me anxiety because he’s so high energy and anxious. He breathes so hard and heavy --- it’s like his body vibrates. It’s too much.

Does anyone else in Bentley’s family use CBD?
Yeah, actually, I use CBD, my boyfriend uses CBD, my other dog, my two cats, my mom and sister. My dad used it when he was fighting cancer. So, yes.

Is CBD for Bentley hard for you to acquire?
At first, yes, very hard just because the amount of doses he needed is high --- he’s a big dog, he needs more CBD. You can’t overdose on CBD but you don’t want to give too much. So, I started small. I was paying like $300 a month and then I got it down to $200 a month and I was just like, ‘This is murdering me.’ and so now and make him his own treats.

How has CBD made a difference in his everyday life?
He is able to function. So, if he doesn’t have CBD, he can’t listen. It’s like he’s ADHD or something. You say ‘Sit’ and there’s no connection --- it doesn’t register. He just pushes against you, he doesn’t back off. It helps him in that aspect, it calms him down, it makes his breathing better, he stops panting.

Tell me about his life/anxiety before CBD.
Well, before we got him, he was a stud. So that affects his everyday life now. He got neutered at a later age, too, so that testosterone is still in there and I think that definitely affects his anxiety. I don’t know much about his life before we got him, but I feel like he was shoved off to the side and wasn’t getting the attention he needed which is why he needs so much of it now. He literally needs to be on top of you. I mean, you could be sitting next to him and he’s not close enough. If he doesn’t have CBD, he has to be, like, on top of you and then when he’s on top of you he needs to be licking you, it’s just never close enough. It becomes too much where you just want him to get off you! He gives me anxiety sometimes. He’s heavy, he’s big, it’s too much.

Do you use any other medications/methods to calm him down?
No, I won’t put my dog on any prescription medications. I don’t even take them myself. The vet has recommended things but I’m not going to do that. I don’t need to pay all that money for a prescription that could also harm his life --- I don’t know anything about that drug… when I can give him CBD which is all natural and healthy for him and it helps his quality of life.

Do you feel there is a stigma with CBD and pets?
Very much so. Because people look at me and are like, “What are you giving your dog?!” People judge me. The lady who owned him before me said she didn’t think it was good for dogs. I told her to do some research and see it’s really good for dogs. It’s been known to clear cloudiness in eye-cataracts --- it helps with anxiety, it helps with a lot of things. There are a lot of benefits to CBD. But yeah, people judge you definitely, but it’s just because they’re not educated. If they were educated they wouldn’t judge.

Explain Bentley’s CBD journey in a few words.
Before CBD his life was chaotic and anxious and I feel like he was a little bit afraid. And now when he has CBD I feel like he feels safer, he trusts a little more and he can have a normal dog life. Living his best life.
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