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Pain Relief Salve 2,500/850 mg

Pain Relief Salve 2,500/850 mg

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High mg, pain-relieving cream in an easy-to-apply container. Made with full-spectrum CBD, organic white beeswax, organic coconut oil, and organic essential oils.  

2oz 2,500mg

.75oz 850mg

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  • Review

    "Just want to say how amazing the Pain Relief Salve is. This is the first product that has given me almost instant relief on my lower back pain. It's been a life saver, I can't thank you enough!"

  • Review

    "Still pinching myself that I discovered your products. They've changed my life for the better. Thank you!"

  • Review

    I use your products to help with my constant back pain from having my son (epidural KILLED me) but a nice Cannabombz bath will always do the trick! It also helps with my menstrual cycle. Thank you!"