My CBD Journey | Sara Young

My CBD Journey | Sara Young

Sara is new to CBD and is trying new products all the time. She is a wife, mother of a special needs child, and a gentle soul. This is Sara's journey with CBD...
Why do you use CBD?
“I use CBD for pain control. I have a lot of back problems that cause me to not sleep and to hurt almost everyday. So I use it to help my back, and I also use it to relax after a long day because it helps me sleep.”

Does anyone else in your family use CBD?
“My uncle does, and I just gave some Cannabombz to my mom but she hasn’t used them yet.”

Was CBD hard for you to acquire.
“Cannabombz were not. Other forms are hard to acquire, yes.”

How has CBD made a difference in your everyday life?
“The nights that I use bath bombs are the only nights that I actually sleep all night and wake up not in pain. Any other morning I wake up and my back is sore, and that’s just how I start my day out… so, obviously if you sleep better it just makes your whole day better. And that will usually last me a couple days. After a bath I’ll sleep better and wake up pain free.”

How has it affected your relationship with your family/friends?
“Well, I’m nicer when I’m more relaxed and when I don’t hurt so much. I’m able to do more with my kids and my family.”

Tell me about your life/pain before CBD.
“I have an extra vertebrae in my back that’s not fully formed right. It’s actually a type of Spina bifida. I also have a twisted pelvis so I literally have back pain everyday. But I just got used to it. I mean it makes you less happy, it makes you less active-you don’t want to do anything and the days that I work I sit for 12 hours a day which doesn’t help. I just got so used to being in pain and hurting and that just takes a toll on your mental state, your emotional state. So it’s nice to have something that can break that cycle".

How has it affected your career?
I’m more comfortable at work. If I use a bath bomb the night before and I actually get sleep, I’m more ready to work in the morning. Or, even if I have a bad day at work I can just use it to relax when I get home. I can look forward to just lying in the tub --- I’ll read a book and lock the door and just unwind.

Do you take pharm meds?
I still take Aleve every once in awhile, but I used to take it daily.

Do you feel there is a stigma with CBD?
“There is! And I am one of those people that, before I learned about it, I was the same way. I thought, you know, just negative stuff about it. I didn’t realize all of the benefits of it until I started reading.
Having a special needs kid a lot of people use CBD for their kids. I read a lot about it and that’s something that really interests me, too. I think you need to get over the stigma because the medicinal benefits are so great. I was talking to my mom and I was saying, ‘Mom, if you had a Sunburn would you use Aloe Vera? And she’s all, ‘Ya..’ Then I said, ‘Isn’t that an oil from a plant?’ And she had to say, ‘Ya’ And I said, ‘That’s what this is!’ So she’s gonna try them (cannabombz).”

Explain your CBD journey in a few words.
“It’s a good, natural way for relief and to relax.”
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