My CBD Journey | Tiffany Panaccione

My CBD Journey | Tiffany Panaccione

Tiffany has a degree in tourism development with an emphasis in sustainability. She lives as waste free and sustainably as possible in her home life and is a cannabis advocate who believes hemp is the future. Her love for the Earth and all the natural remedies it provides is an inspiration to me and many others in her life. This is Tiffany's CBD journey...

Why do you use CBD?
"For me CBD is part of an overall holistic healthcare experience. It’s one of the natural ways the earth helps us heal. I would rather use something that’s naturally derived over something that’s chemically comprised."

Does anyone else in your family use CBD?
“Not as openly or as commonly as they use other types of approaches, but yes. My Grandpa has tried it, he’s been in bad health. He’s only tried to the point where there’s nothing else left to try. Some people in my family are open to it and I recommend it and talk about it with them. But then there are others that are completely closed off from the idea. It’s actually surprising how many of my family members came around to the idea once my Grandpa was sick. A lot of them weren’t considering it an option at first.”

Is CBD hard for you to acquire?
“No. I get it from Cannabombz and other places. I mean it’s pretty saturated in the market now so it’s definitely a lot easier than it used to be.
I even saw it on a sign the other day ‘CBD here no card required’ on a street corner. Clearly that’s bringing people in.”

How has CBD made a difference in your everyday life?
“Like I said before, it’s just a part of a scope of natural medicines that I use in my daily life. Food as medicine, herbs as medicine, obviously cannabis being one of those plants that we can use as medicine. My everyday life has changed in a way where I no longer look at a symptom and try to treat it for what it is as a symptom but I go deeper into why my body is creating that symptom and then try to fix those problems on the front end by using CBD or by using food as medicine or by using a natural remedy by just knowing my body, by yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness and a few other core pieces to the healthcare puzzle.”

How has it affected your everyday mood?
“So I found from switching most things in my world from processed to natural and pure -- in that process I’ve just become much more awakened in the sense of like, how you actually feel and being able to discern those things rather than being distracted and clouded by things clogging your system in different types of ways so I feel more clarity and less fogginess. When I can use something like CBD and experience that it’s working and see that it’s helping me it makes my mood and well being happier, brighter, more confident because I know what I’m doing and how it’s making a difference rather than taking a pill or doing something that I can’t fully comprehend how it’s treating me or how it’s working. So as far as mood goes, confidence goes with that too. It gives you more confidence to be more in control of your overall daily health and life situations.”

Tell me about your life before CBD.
“My life before that seemed like I was just, I don’t know, a number, a part of a system that was broken. Because nobody is really out there looking out for your best interest to be upheld or to have your highest good in mind when they’re prescribing you medications they’re not giving you real answers so I just felt less in control. I had all these problems and symptoms and then I didn’t really know what to do about any of them --- kind of lost trying to find those answers because I was so far removed and disconnected from my true self and true health. And I mean, I’m not even an extreme case or extremely unhealthy before this but even me who is just now scratching the surface of prescription medication and western medicine. I could see that it was not going to lead in a good direction of health so I changed a lot of things early on in my life to combat that. Before you’re just fed what you think is the truth. Because that was the system has said is the truth for a lot of reasons. We are just forced to ingest that truth and then when we find out it’s not the real truth or the best option for us we’re forced to question everything and step back and start from square one. And when I started doing that, that’s when cannabis and CBD became clearer and clearer in the picture of what that really is -- overall health and wellness.”

Do you take any other pharmaceuticals?
“No. Not anymore.”
Do you feel there is a stigma with CBD?
“Absolutely. I feel like it goes back to the very beginning of our country I guess. But again, that’s just another part of the system that is telling us to believe something else so of course they would force this stigma on something that is so beneficial…it goes pretty deep. I think, personally, that it’s all because of control and people are being controlled through what we eat, see, consume, think, medicine we take, alcoholic, society, the cigarettes. Everything is slowly stripping us away from our true self and power. So that being said we’ve been kept in the dark by this deep state or government or whoever is doing this. Greedy people I guess? Evil? Darkness? I don’t know. So, of course if cannabis is a piece of that puzzle that helps us get closer to true health and true happiness then that takes away from their power so of course we’ve been fed this stigma even though ancient civilizations and people have used it for I don’t even know how long. They were using cannabis before things like oxycodone. You know what I mean? I think the stigma runs deeper than what we give it credit for. We want to see it on a person-to-person basis sometimes and I don’t really want to fault the people because the people have just been blinded from it since the beginning any ways. It’s not their fault they’re ignorant that why I don’t let the stigma play any part in how I make my decisions.”

Explain your CBD journey in a few words/sentences.
“My CBD Journey is just that -- it’s a journey. It’s constantly changing and evolving and I’m always learning new ways to make my body happy and my self healthier and I want to keep striving for that until I’ve reached what I would consider pretty optimum health. It’s definitely a component and factor in a bigger picture of a lot of things we can do to help support our human bodies, physically.”
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